Hey what game do you play to kill time?

@x I'm about play Dawn of War with the Ultimate Apocalypse expansion (Ok, technically it's a mod, but it's got several times the content of the fully expanded base game, and provides higher-res art to replace a lot of the original stuff too. It's a cracker.)

@Ephaemera thanks I will check it out. does it work well with iMac?

@x I like pixel dungeon (various forks), it's a very approachable roguelike that's perfect for coffee breaks. I play it on my phone but I think it's available for desktop as well.

Another android game that's great for killing time is Hoplite. Also a roguelike, but designed for quick sessions and with a puzzle emphasis rather than fighting the RNG.

@kungtotte good thanks for telling me i am check it out.. :apartyblob::mastodance:

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