#deletefacebook #deletewhatsapp #deleteinstagram #FuckFacebook #fucksnapchat 

#deletefacebook #deletewhatsapp #deleteinstagram #FuckFacebook #fucksnapchat 

#deletefacebook #deletewhatsapp #deleteinstagram #FuckFacebook #fucksnapchat 

@redstarfish 😑 android phone how? Must use gmail or my phone won't work...

@x @redstarfish I'm not sure what you mean that your phone won't work without gmail. If there is a #lineageos rom available for your device you won't have anything google related in your phone.

@apathetic_bystander @redstarfish thanks i will check it out.. i have Samsung Galaxy s8 will it work?

Here's list of devices currently supported by LeneageOS:
You can also search with your phone's model number + custom rom to see if there's any rom available for your device.

At the least you can use adb(android debug bridge) to "uninstall" Gapps and services for user 0.

And don't worry, android phones completely work fine without google and services.

And also what GNU distro do you use?


@redstarfish i see that Samsung Galaxy s8 not listed will check the model number and custom rom .. I am using iMac and ubuntu laptop if that what you asking..

@apathetic_bystander @redstarfish @x You don't even need to install a custom rom.Enable developer mode in the settings and connect your phone to your computer using ADB.Then you can remove all Google apps using ADB shell.There's not even root required to do it that way.Sure,LineageOS is better if it works for you but ADB is a easy way which works on every phone.

Since the roms of the manufacturers are build around google play services/apps won't you have any problems with updates etc?
I really don't know, i am just asking. Lineageos is more straightforward for me but of course someone else may disagree.

@apathetic_bystander System updates are downloaded from the servers of the manufacturers and work fine without Google spyware.The situation is a bit different for app updates but you can install F-Droid (free software) or Aptoide (alternative store for everything,including proprietary apps) and download your app updates from there.

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