I said this once before I posted on that I will start collecting information on my friends list create a file with their name on it and screenshot every post they posted and put it in the folder etc. Someone left a comment said "stalking much?"
I said "exactly!"
That what facebook is doing... if you don't like it that I stalking you but you ok with ?

Gooood night! and don't forget to tell your love one to tonight!

What I like about XMPP is that I can turn it off to be offline.. the you can't log off or turn it off.

Just it's not that hard...

Facebook’s new tool will tell you how it knows so much about you - Vox

Honestly.. I still have no idea who won the fight haha good morning! Just woke up.. 2:40am in btw &

Remember once you sign in you can't log out of the app. Only way to log out is to clear caches or delete the app and also no options to turn off video call..

For my friends on #Twitter and #Facebook 

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