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Your voice don't matter to them.. Advertisers voice matter to them..

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What is Epik working on?

@Maximex asked for a summary of our projects. Apparently he was losing track. I imagine he was not alone. Here is a recap:

• This is the core business, operating since 2009, and accredited by ICANN as a full-service domain name registrar.

• This is our privacy service. It offers one-stop-shop for VPN, anonymous email, and other web privacy tools.

• This was an acquisition in February 2019. It offers tools comparable to CloudFlare for CDN and DDoS mitigation.

• Sibyl.Li: This is our fast-growing hosting company. It is the host of Gab and provides VPS, Dedicated Servers and co-location services.

• Secure cloud-based file storage for, encrypted data, in a Norwegian bunker facility. Get yours here:

• Us.Tv: A decentralized alternative to YouTube built on the PeerTube standard for interoperability and syndication of ActivityPub.

• A tool for watching online videos without being tracked, and part of the family of privacy products.

• Online event booking platform with ability to book and pay anonymously. (in beta)

• A proprietary alternative to TrustPilot being developed by Epik. (Q3 2019)

• Decentralized, censorship-resistant and smart web search based on search aggregation across many search engines. (Q3 2019)

• Digital Signature Platform for online execution of digital documents using a one-time Forever digital signature. (Q4 2019)

• Turn-key Fediverse hosting solutions powered by Mastodon and PeerTube. Accelerated by BitMitigate. (Q4 2019)

The list is a bit long but there is a method and a sequence. Through organic development, partnership and acquisition, we are working to provide cost-effective, resilient tools for lawfully-engaged people.

Epik remains privately held. We are working to maintain our independent status through co-investment by mission-aligned persons who we believe will remain committed to the idea of empowering digital sovereignty.

The task is certainly not small. As such, all prayers welcome. We are thankful for the input of friends and allies. In case of private questions, feel free to reach us at, or on Telegram at @robmonster.

Casey Neistat on Abandoning Social Media, Using Anger, & More (Ep. 8 A Conversation With) - YouTube

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I know i haven’t post much on and how y’all doing?

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