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Your voice don't matter to them.. Advertisers voice matter to them..

Can I run and on one server on VPS?

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So far in this past two months:

* Setup #Nextcloud, cancelled #Dropbox
* Bought #ProtonVPN
* Got setup on #Tutanota premium
* Deleted a #Gmail account (2 left)
* Setup a #Linux PC instead of console for watching videos
* Got Resolve going on Linux (till I switch to a FOSS NLE)
* Finished my last #Kindle ebook
* Got a Surface Go to replace my iPad, installed Manjaro on it

Today I've just taken the final steps to get rid of my iPad

Next step, get a #LineageOS phone till I can get a #libre phone

I think i had too much of and it 120 proof.. 😜🥃

Now hold on... since when hotel started using cards as a key? This is the late 70s true story story movie...

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Is there a delete button on stalker? They need one.. that stalker been around for like 6 years!!

I hate a website that didn't give us a option to delete our account.. They should have give us a warning before we sign up!

Did y'all heard about China doing "Social Credit Score"

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Pixelfed also limits mentions/tagging people and urls in posts.

You can mention/tag up to 5 accounts and add up to 2 urls. After exceeding the limit, the rest are treated as plain text.


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