Good morning!
Have y'all ever try run your own server with raspberry pi?

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I don't have that @akarshanbiswas has maybe, he can answer your question


I've been running sometimes my home server on Beaglebone black.

Next thing to run Pleroma on BBB.

Last month, going through dyndns , etc stuffa

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Good day to you.

Are you trying to set up one ?

I am always prefer self sustain to self host server on home & SBC

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@snder There rate start 0.0075/minute USD that is not cheap 🤔

@x @noor

Cool Sander.

I love it. I be first member.

There real shortage for live stream in foss platform.

When u be setting up ?

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@noor @snder @inditoot i will have to buy pi or could my laptop right? I am learning..

1) I recommend you choose better single board computer than Raspberry PI. Raspberry Pi famous but there are few other better option too. 2) spare laptop/computer is even better. 2.1 you can recycle and avoid purchasing new one. 2.2 computer has better specification and fulfill various need 2.3 choosing between SBC/laptop depends on the specific need. 3) Have a dedicate headless computer as home server or VM to work on. I've set up SBC, headless computer. Good luck @x @snder @inditoot
if you want start quick,

start with YunoHost.

I use Yunohost on server to manage multiple Web app like Pleroma, Nextcloud, etc.

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Its not easy as it sound but it's best for beginners

Don't try scare him Vibhi. Yunohost is good ;) @inditoot @x @snder

@noor @x @inditoot

I had it running for a little while for testing and it looks pretty sweet! You can easily add info from
Imdb and you’ll only have to provide the video links ^^

Only crappy thing it didn’t work quite well on mobile since the videos kept loading..

A while back I’ve used a Netflix kinda script for WordPress with AWS encoding backend just like Netflix

Sander I wanna a solution to live stream like Youtube stream on FOSS platform.

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Use Jitsi with YouTube plugin that is the solution I know

haha, is it possible to come up ? are there any peertube plugin exists? @inditoot @snder @x
So, live stream is enhancement for Peertube is not yet implemented.

Any alternative ?

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@snder @noor @x

Hmm buy a server near your location or setup a cdn that will going to help alot 🤔 don't know cloud flare will cache big files or not.

Any recommendation of Streama instance I can try out ? getting curious. @snder @x @inditoot
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