This happened often..when you go to hearing aids place to have your hearing aids to look at to see the problem.. when you take off your hearing aids and give them your hearing aids and they start talking to you... i often wonder how did they get the job?

Do I have to pay to hear for rest of my life? I have two hearing Aids and one battery last about 2 weeks this is total 24 weeks for both hearing aids.. if I am broke and homeless I would be fucking !

Why you hearing people made the clock to be so loud? You must love that sound.. Thanks god I am when I sleep.

My wife said,
In two days will be my birthday...

Me: I was shocked.. almost had a heart attack.. I said "What?!?"

Wife: in two days it will be my birthday!

Me: oh god I thought you said "Today!"

ok ok I take it back.. My wife said why not.. so I am setting up the first deaf community on mastodon instance.. Will post the link when it ready!!

Should I run a instance for ?

I am Xoldie
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