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I believe that everyone should host their own shit..Don't let the big tech do all the work for ya and you gotta learn to code a little... Once you get into it, You will understand how it all work..
you will be surprised to see what big tech is doing to you...

Once you awake you can't go back to sleep.

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Delete anything owned by Facebook. Instagram included.

Instagram 'Trusted Partner' Caught Harvesting Vast Personal Data To Create Detailed Dossiers | Zero Hedge

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I hate phone software updates. Every single time it happens, I have to go uninstall a bunch of apps that the carrier decided they want installed on my phone workout asking me, and I don't want and will never use.


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Facebook: People have no choice but to use us. What are you going to do to stay in touch your your friends? We are Gods! Gods! Fuck America! Ha ha ha!

Snapchat: Hold my beer
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@Jdogg247 Twitter and the rest of Big Tech are genuinely evil and dangerous, Torba was always right about that. It just didn't follow that Big Tech being awful absolved him of being a scammer and a snitch.
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Nice to be outside ..been stuck home for two days..

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I don't follow this blogger myself, but a good friend just sent me a message to let me know his non-controversial gun blog, hosted on Blogspot, was just locked by Google.

#secondamendment #firstamendment #freespeech #gunrights #gun #guns #censorship

I just wonder.. can one person turn off the fediverse?

once you started it, can't stop it?

So is everyone on going to block & today?
I just learn the shooter used instagram and he even posted the manifesto on there!!

just saying....
god damn it I need that edit button!!

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I just answered a ton of automated spam bot comments on my blog - a fun break activity :)

If you're interested, some of these friendly AIs are really hilarious:

True story.. I and few days later I email my family member.. to see how they doing.. no reply nothing.. for 2 weeks

Got little worry so I signed back on facebook to see if they ok, and asked "You got my email?" Their reply yeah I got it, I just got busy .. so we talk for little bit.. done talk..

I got on their facebook wall.. and counted 27 share posts in one day!

Got no time to email me back? And again.

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