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I upload a gif on my site to make a post and it's crash!
Fuck it!
Going to bed!

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No matter how much money you have.. you won't happy.. You gotta do something you love to do.. if you not doing it. You doing it all wrong... right now I am doing it all wrong.

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As you may have already heard, I was fired from my job last week for writing about my #gendercritical views on my personal blog. If you are able, please consider joining me on Patreon to allow me to continue writing with our censorship.

(Please RT!)

For years twitter had my number on account and I decided to deleted my number off my account and later I got locked out.. They want my number back on my account..

Fuck them I won't give them my number again.

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@x mine was permanently deleted on 16 July. I'm outta there!

The teenager get upset when their parents going thur their stuff in bedroom but they not upset when facebook & google looking thur their phone?

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